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WNDN – World News Daily News is an independent media house that was founded in November 2021 by Writer, Rapper, Innovator & Entrepreneur Paul Omiria Epeju better known by his stage name Jay P

World News Daily News – Goal

The core goal behind the founding of the media house was to provide a platform for people who could not easily get heard to get heard. As a case scenario Jay P himself at several points in his musical career sought media support but most of the time would merely not get feedback or have to pay PR gate keepers even where it needed not be the case.

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WNDN is an alternative meant to provide accurate news on different topics from around the world on a daily basis in a manner that is free fair and balanced.

With the drive to make sure that all stories that need to be heard get heard, WNDN is committed to growing its presence and team so as to make sure that every story that ought to be heard gets heard. One story at a time.

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