Adult Site Protects its Users Against Revenge Uploads and Catfishing, the new adult platform blends social media, influencer culture and verified adult content for a new experience for creators and users, making it easy to follow and engage with your favorite curators, support adult performers directly and enjoy the content safely and securely.

The platform supports a manual human verification system as well as an AI assist to ensure all the content is ethical and has been uploaded with the consent of the performer, users can engage directly with content creators and scroll the feed to find preferred content however the privacy of users and personal info is always protected.

“New sites like support sex positive content and have set a new standard in the industry. But in recent years we’ve also seen how adult influencers have had to battle to be seen online. Censorship of ethical content is a problem, and so are performers not seeing the financial returns they should be. puts power in the hands of creators, it’s a platform where agency and identity are central” says CMO, Elnaz Gerami showing the commitment of the platform for a secure and new way for content creators and users to be safe. was founded to change the industry by regulating the online adult space, to protect users and creators alike, creating a safe and sex positive way to enjoy adult content without the issues that affect users and creators in other platforms making it engaging and more appealing. It’s a space that improves women’s sexual confidence, encouraging them to embrace their sexuality and remove the stigmas and taboos of conversations about sex.

These issues include

● Content recorded and shared without consent or knowledge of performers and/or subjects

● Content stolen and uploaded without consent of creators/performers and/or subjects

● Content featuring underage performers

● Content featuring non-consenting performers

● Abuse of creators and performers in comments sections and direct messages

● Creators not receiving payment

● User’s information being stored and sold

● User’s safety exploited by third parties

● Advertisers earning more than creators

● Safety of creators and performers not enforced rarely, if ever, faces any of these issues and has crafted the platform to reflect the future of pleasure free from shame, harm and exploitation as one of its main objectives, making it a free and secure environment for its content creator without the shackles and stigmas that surrounds the sex theme.