Charles Vest – A Phenomenal Fluid Artist who Continues to Give Back

Charles Vest Fluid Art
Charles Vest Shows Off one of his Fluid Art/Acrylic Paintings

Charles Vest is a 62-year-old American fluid artist. To many who may not fully comprehend what a fluid artist is, it is an artist that practices liquid art or acrylic paint pouring techniques. Charles uses this abstract painting technique to manipulate fluid art mediums to create amazing art that has already made a difference in the lives of over 200 people.  All of this within 2 months of learning this free-flowing acrylic art form and arguably Charles Vest Fluid art has an edge over similar art.

Thirty-Four years ago, Charles Vest battled with addiction before he decided to get detox at a shelter in McCallister in San Diego. Having battled with addiction and the discriminations associated with it, Charles committed to getting clean and to date has kept clean concentrating on his development as an individual and making a difference in this world.

Charles takes pride in helping out at McCallister, the premier detox shelter in San Diego, where he got clean 34 years ago. He has enjoyed helping decorate their facilities for Christmas over the many years. However, this year he was thrilled to help out on a much larger scale.

Charles and Crystal Lindsey – The Fit Artist – coordinated the delivery of over two hundred 4” X 4” custom paintings for McCallister’s holiday party with the help of 3 other people. This allowed each resident and staff attending to receive a gift.

Charles was able to donate the art because he invested the time to become a highly sought-after fluid artist. Within 2 months of coaching from Crystal Lindsey – The Fit Artist, he quickly became a commissioned artist. He received 5 paid commissions in his first month. He continues to paint daily in his free time and gets many more art commissions coming in each week.

Looking at his body of work could easily lead one to believe he has done it professionally for a long time.

Charles’ art coach Crystal Lindsey says, “I am very proud of him. He came out of the womb running full speed and is a complete natural!” She considers him easily to be the best student she has taught.

Crystal attributes a small part of his success to the quantum physics truth from Albert Einstein which states that “you change the molecular structure of something by looking at it. This is something Charles is very good at.” Charles’ took her advice to “talk to the paint.”  He tells the paint positive affirmations such as: “You are so pretty! You are going to do great! You are going to bless someone who receives this painting,” amongst other affirmations.

Charles Vest in the process of creating Fluid Art in his Studio

With a talent that is arguably considered innate, Charles has demonstrated that he could rise above any mishaps and excel at practically anything he puts his mind to learning at any age.

Typically, Charles spends approximately 15 to 20 hours a week after his successful day job preparing himself to take on the numerous painting challenges he encounters, considering that each painting is unique in itself. He watches numerous videos and conducts in-depth research as a part of his preparation for each of his custom acrylic paintings.

Currently, Charles Vest is deeply engaged in a series that he calls the “First 100” which covers his first 100 paintings. He has done several episodes on his first 100 paintings the latest being “episode 24”. The episodes are showcased on Charles Vest’s personal Facebook profile. He is currently considering a website under the domain and creating social media pages to better showcase his works online.

Besides being a phenomenal fluid artist and philanthropist, Charles Vest is a best-selling author of the book NINJA SALES SECRETS: Skillful Sales Techniques That Work (Ninja Series) which he released as a Paperback on August 19th, 2020.

The book is a simple guide of 20 Ninja Secrets for growing a successful business. It covers interactions, introducing new and existing clientele to new products, and the techniques used by sales professionals. These skillful techniques are intended to help build a committed clientele with real-life scenarios in contrast to traditional conversions.

Charles has been able to rise above the challenges he faced 34 years ago and ultimately excel at using his fluid art to help others heal and overcome similar challenges. Charles is sure to continue to use his art to help others by using the same commitment he used to become a best-selling author inspiring a multitude of people to succeed. Look out for more.