Erykah Badu: The R&B Legends Take On Current Music, Movies, Millennials and where Rappers Stand

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The capacity to woo you to her side may seem cheap talk until you get wooed by Erykah Badu finding yourself arguably on her side. Is that black magic? Having had a one to one with her at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York during her lecture more like the RBMA, we were convinced, awed, and left cracking ribs as she spoke about her current features on numbers with artists including Bonobo, Janelle Monae, and phenomenal collaborations on fresh efforts with Thundercat and deciphering her new album titled “You Can Have It Whenever You Want To….” 

The beautiful Erykah Badu in Manhattan over dinner brings to light the reason why she hasn’t released a new album since her 2010 New Amerykah Part 2 release, and why it’s not much of an issue to her. Typical of Erykah Badu, she was clad in oversized glasses, a humongous fedora, and a baggy sweater.

With Erykah Badu’s older albums still the thing, her 1997 debut Baduizm is set for a February re-release with her doing eight months of global performances. She has a variety to offer and intends to become a certified midwife, build schools and join the Peace Corps as well as paint and support her kids.

As a relevant one of a kind musician looked up to by younger fans, she elucidates that she understand their angle and accepts it saying frequencies and sound count more than words due to their short attention span thus the vibration counts a ton so lyrics may not count as much as they previously did.

According to Erykah Badu, the thing attributed to the success of the likes of Kendrick Lamar is recognizing the bond between hip-hop and the people considering that is what they seek.

A lot has changed since Baduizm dropped, the people, the ambiance including learning a lot from her 19-year-old son Seven Sirius Benjamin. Evolution is inevitable. What worked back then may not necessarily work today. Plenty of things are a lot faster-paced today than they were back then.

Erykah Badu is feeling the vibe of the new stuff she has recorded as well as being influenced by her son Seven to listen to new stuff like Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTentacion and other younger artists.