Explore some of the Best Online Learning Tools for Students and Teachers

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Technology plays a crucial role in the processes of learning today making it easier for students and teachers to interact and touch base. Teaching environments are increasingly utilizing the power, potential, and tools available online sometimes being used entirely or to a large extent in student-teacher interaction. 

Many online technologies have been developed to provide student autonomy, enhancing academic process management, fostering cooperation, and enabling communication between instructors and students.

Online Tools that can be leveraged by Students and Teachers.

  • Thinglink. This is an online platform that enables instructors to create interactive visuals that incorporate music, audio, words, and photos. These may be posted on other websites or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Thinglink allows teachers to build learning approaches that arouse students’ enthusiasm through interactive information that can broaden their understanding.
  • Projeqt. This is a tool for creating multimedia presentations using dynamic slides that include interactive maps, connections, practice questions, Twitter timelines, and movies, along with many other features. Throughout a class session, teachers can share educational presentations with students that have been graphically converted to cater to multiple devices.
  • Edmodo. This is an educational platform that integrates a social network and links professors and students. Teachers may use this to, among other things, build online collaborative groups, administer and distribute instructional resources, assess student performance, and interact with parents. Edmodo has over 34 million active users today who collaborate to make learning more stimulating, customized, and aligned with the opportunities provided by technology and the digital world.
  • Socrative is a system designed by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers that are passionate about education. It allows professors to build exercises or educational games that students may complete using mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Teachers may observe the outcomes of the exercises and, based on them, alter forthcoming classes to make them bespoke.
  • CK-12 is an online platform dedicated to lowering expenses on educational materials for the K12 market in the United States and throughout the world. To accomplish this goal, the platform features an open-source interface that enables the creation and distribution of instructional content over the internet, which can be changed and includes films, audios, and interactive activities. It may also be printed and meet the editorial requirements in each location. The books generated in cK-12 may be customized to meet the needs of every instructor or learner.
  • Kahoot!  is a question-and-answer-based educational platform. Teachers may use this tool to generate quizzes, dialogues, and surveys to supplement academic courses. The content is presented in the classroom, and students answer questions while engaging and learning. Kahoot! encourages game-based learning, which enhances student engagement and fosters a dynamic, sociable, and enjoyable learning atmosphere.
  • Quill is a fantastic and free online platform where students may study grammar in a fun and non-intimidating environment. It may be used for those learning English but caters to different skill levels as it will guide students on a range of activities to partake in to improve their skill set.
  • EduClipper is a system that lets instructors and students exchange to discover references and instructional content. In eduClipper, you may collect material obtained on the web and then exchange it with members of pre-formed groups, allowing you to manage educational content found online more efficiently, enhance research skills, and keep a digital record of what students accomplished during the session. Similarly, it allows teachers to organize a virtual class with their pupils and establish a gallery where all of their material is saved.
  • Animoto is an application that facilitates the quick and easy making of high-quality movies using any mobile device, motivating pupils and aiding efforts to improve academic courses.  Animoto offers a user-friendly and practical interface that helps educators to produce audiovisual content tailored to the requirements of their students.
  • Bamboozle is a free-to-use gaming website. Its primary advantage is that it is designed for students to play online in teams without having to go to separate rooms. That is to say, learners can choose a query to answer and discuss it with others to determine the right answer and other learners wait for their turn to select alternative questions. 
  • ClassDojo is a platform for improving student conduct in which professors offer instant feedback to their students so that excellent behavior in class is ‘compensated’ with scores and learners have a more optimistic mind toward the learning process. To aid working cooperatively, ClassDojo sends students real-time messages such as ‘Great work Patrice!’ and a score. The information gathered regarding student behavior can subsequently be shared with guardians and authorities online.
  • Storybird seeks to improve learners’ writing and reading abilities via narrative. Teachers may use this application to produce interactive and creative books online using a quick and easy layout. The tales that are generated may be incorporated on blogs, printed, and emailed. Teachers may also use Storybird to collaborate on projects with their students, provide regular feedback as well as management of courses and scores.


There are several options to choose from when considering tools for students and teachers. The choice of which tool is selected will depend on the end game and goals such as what do the students and teachers hope to achieve and what complexities are likely to be met when using a given platform. Ultimately each platform has its edge over others calling for the nitty-gritty to be considered before zeroing down.