Jay-P is the Don We are getting to Know and Learning to Appreciate on “Top Gun”

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He goes street, takes you back in time touching the classics, gets playful, cares and yet does not care at all, exudes a strong aura of seriousness, and is a little irritated by the direction hip-hop is taking today.

Jay P is a proud owner of a Record Label, a clothing line, a News Media house, and an IT firm, is now serving the kind of music that qualifies to be called music. On most of his 5th album, “Top Gun”, is Jay P what anybody knows or has heard of before, or is he the “Guy” they pretend not to acknowledge. Whatever the case, Jay P brings boasts that are “bananas” portrays the crime figure that appears harmless but will surely leave you touched subtly.

He touches his softer side but is firm with the tough guy in him. He remains witty in his lyrical delivery. Lines like “wanted to leave so I opened up the door for you” and “keep pushing me like I ain’t got no guns” on Leave Me Alone, “staring at the ocean thinking about nothing kissed by a rose just not in the rain”, as well as “they won’t play fair to you say goodbye, they won’t tell you the truth – feel the truth – one of us is lying and it sure ain’t me- one of us is lonely and you wish you never left” on I Just Died In Your Arms.

It’s far from Credibly Evident, not an easy trip back with wordplay and neither is it like Hustle Avenue both of which are critically acclaimed. As usual, several producers put in work on this album, and this time he gunned for bigger fish more like raising the bar higher each time.

Key to note, Top Gun is going to comprise the classic Jay P raps with vintage Jay P boasts: Acknowledging the existent greatness before he came into the game but at the same time standing on his feet and throwing bouts pound for pound tearing down everything in his way. Being the respectful guy he is and more so humble may easily make people take him for granted but then again those in the know have learned the hard way not to bother the guy. An aura of dangerous simplicity is a dominant theme in the 14 track album.

With two tracks “Leave Me Alone” produced by Makaih and “I Just Died In Your Arms” produced by Rockit Pro set to hit the streets this holiday. Will that be enough to convince concerning “Jay P’s” stand out from the crowd mind capacity or will it be like most people listening to a couple of lines or samples and concluding with minimal facts?

Well, we’ll wait for the 2 singles and the album and then Yay or Neigh.