Joey Badass and the Progressive Era: The Music and Hip Hop Culture

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Born American on January 20th, 1995, Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott is a rapper, actor, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor known professionally as Joey Badass.  Native to Brooklyn, New York, Joey Badass is a founding member of the hip-hop ensemble Pro Era or in full Progressive Era and have together released three mixtapes in as well as numerous solo works.

On 12th 2012 Joey Badass debuted his 1999 mixtape which received critical acclaim followed by the Rejex mixtape in September and subsequently the Summer Knights mixtape on July 1, 2013. On January 20th, 2015, Joey Badass released his debut studio album “B4.DA.$$”. Joey Badass on the USA Network made his TV debut on the series Mr. Robot in 2016  and eventually released “All-Amerikkkan Badass” his second studio album on April 7, 2017.

The Progressive Era stylized as Pro Era is a Brooklyn, New York-based American hip hop ensemble. Rappers from the East Coast Joey Badass, Dyemond Lewis, Jakk the Rhymer, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, Dessy Hinds, Aaron Rose, Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, J.A.B as well as producers Powers Pleasant and Chuck Strangers make up the ensemble. The Progressive Era ensemble was founded in 2011 by Power Pleasant and Capital STEEZ with its original members being Joey Badass and CJ Fly among others.

Capital STEEZ initially called Jay STEEZ, began making music in 2008. STEEZ was also a member of the rap group The 3rd Kind at the time, together with boyhood buddy Jakk the Rhymer. The Yellow Tape, The 3rd Kind’s sole mixtape, was released in 2009. At a performance at a Cafe in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, Powers Pleasant had an idea and together with Capital Steez, Joey Badass and Dirty Sanchez on their way home decided to form a collective which was given the name Progressive Era.

Amongst the Progressive Era artists include Joey Badass, Nyck Caution, Aaron Rose, Dessy Hinds, Kirk Knight, Jakk The Rhymer, Dirty Sachez, Rokamouth, JAB 47, and Capital STEEZ who passed on 24th December 2012. Artists like T’nah Apex, SwankMaster RAW, and Dyemond Lewis ceased to me acts in The Progressive Era. The Progressive Era in-house producers included Kirk Knight, Chuck Strangers, Niles, Hans Solo, Powers Pleasant, and Bruce Leekix.

The Progressive Era collective albums included “Escape from New York” released in 2019 featured hip hop group Flatbush Zombies as well as hip hop duo The Underachievers. The Progressive Era also released mixtapes like P.E.E.P. The aPROcalypse in 2012, The Secc$ TaP.E. in 2012,  The Secc$ TaP.E. 2 in 2014 as well  The Shift EP in 2014.

The Progressive Era members have also been noted to participate in documentaries, films, community outreaches, have a strong fashion sense as well as participate and excel in both solo and individual endeavors.