Kali Uchis exudes ethereal beauty in “Red Moon in Venus”

Geffen Records – “Red Moon in Venus”, Uchis Kali

Kali Uchis exudes ethereal beauty in "Red Moon in Venus"

“Red Moon in Venus,” Kali Uchis’ brand-new studio album, comes after her Grammy-nominated Spanish-language record, which was published in 2020. Since then, Uchis has won numerous Billboard Latin Music Awards, and one of the album’s highlights, “Telepata,” spent several weeks atop the charts. Kali Uchis exudes ethereal beauty in “Red Moon in Venus”

Uchis is an R&B performer who isn’t hesitant to embrace the soft, ethereal, and wholly feminine sound that has become synonymous with her music. “in My Garden…”, which transports the listener to a fantasy world with wind chimes and birds chirping, sets the record’s femme-forward tone.

The album’s second song, “I Wish you Roses,” is the first single. The album’s theme of love and its complexities is continued in the song. In contrast to bitterness, the song is about letting go of people with love: “But I wish you love, I hope you well/I wish you roses while you can still smell ’em.”

Uchis masterfully weaves R&B with soul, funk, and other musical genres in songs like “Blue,” where soft saxophones start off with a languid rhythm. Also, she masterfully combines Spanish and English in several songs, with “Como Te Quiera Yo” standing out.

The album highlights Uchis’ distinctive voice with slow R&B grooves that draw attention to the softness of her voice. The Summer Walker-featuring song “Deserve Me” stays true to the steady R&B structure while incorporating Uchis’ breathy voice. On “Happy Now,” which she uses to close the album, Uchis embraces beats that are nostalgic of lovely melodic pop. More Stories