King Charles’ first state visit: Germany and France selected

King Charles' first state visit: Germany and France selected

King Charles' first state visit: Germany and France selected

LONDON – Following years of difficult relations brought on by Brexit, King Charles III will visit France and Germany for the first time as a monarch, Buckingham Palace announced on Friday. This highlights Britain’s efforts to forge closer ties with its European neighbors. King Charles’ first state visit: Germany and France selected

The presidents of France and Germany will be welcoming Charles and Camilla, the queen consort, on their March 26–31 tour to the two largest members of the European Union, according to the palace.

The visits “will recognize our common histories, culture, and values while celebrating the U.K.’s ties with France and Germany,” the palace stated. It’s additionally a great opportunity to look toward the future and demonstrate the several ways that our nations are cooperating, regardless of whether it’s to combat climate change, address the conflict in Ukraine, take advantage of possibilities for investment and trade, or exchange the best of our artistic and cultural creations.

The premise that this will be the first official visit by a British monarch since 2015—the late Queen Elizabeth II, Charles’ mother, ceased going abroad in her latter years—highlights the gravitas of the trip.

The revelation was made days after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hailed a breakthrough in negotiations to resolve the conflict over post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland and Charles met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at Windsor Castle.

Sunak will indeed be eager to highlight the warming of ties between the U.K. and the EU, which have been strained by Britain’s decision to exit the EU, using the soft power of the monarchy.

According to the palace, the visit to France and Germany is being done at the British government’s request and the invitation of the two governments.

The royals will first visit France, where Macron will welcome them and they will participate in a memorial service at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Following a meeting with senators as well as members of the National Assembly, Charles will attend a state dinner at the Château de Versailles.

The trip to France will also take them to Bordeaux, which has a sizable British population. The royal couple intends to visit an organic winery and a region that was severely damaged by last summer’s wildfires.

On March 29, Charles and Camilla are set to arrive in Germany, where they’re going to be welcomed by Steinmeier and where Charles has a speech to give to the Bundestag, the German parliament. Steinmeier will also serve as the host for the royal couple’s state banquet.

Charles also will visit Ukrainian refugees in Germany, go to a combined German-U.K. military unit, and see renewable energy projects in Hamburg.

The grandeur of the monarchy as well as the opulence of royal visits are still considered as ways to enhance the U.K.’s reputation and strengthen ties with other countries, even though Britain’s royals have given over much of their authority to the country’s elected leaders.

Elizabeth, who made 121 state trips during her 70-year reign and earned the title “Queen of the Globe” from royal historian Robert Hardman, personified this role.

The moment Charles and von der Leyen met on Monday, Buckingham Palace made sure to emphasize that he was collaborating with the administration. King Charles’ first state visit: Germany and France selected

The palace announced before the meeting that “the king is glad to see any foreign leader if they are visiting Britain,” and that “the government’s advice is that he should do so.

As Macron and Charles both place a strong emphasis on battling climate change and conserving the environment, the French portion of the trip may be particularly significant for Charles.

The president of Germany also showed respect in kind. Steinmeier stated in a video message that he last saw Charles during Elizabeth’s funeral and extended an invitation for the king to visit Germany. According to him, Charles’ choice to travel to England half a year later demonstrates how highly the king regards the bond between Germans and Britons.

The visit by Charles to both Germany and France, according to the German president, “is also a significant European gesture.”

The German foreign minister stated, “I would really like to say to him, but then obviously also to all Britons: We in Germany as well as entire Europe, want close and good relations with the U.k after Brexit too.

The very first state dinner to Britain during Charles’ kingship was made by the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, in November. Yet, the visit was planned before the late queen’s passing. See