Kizzy Rulez Mixtape MVP: Hustle & Motivation to Be Released in December

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Well first off, you just read the name of one of the most prolific rappers, poets, and lyricists on the come up. When asked what to expect from his new mixtape, “This is a project to motivate every hustler out there and let them know they’re not alone. It’s been a rough last couple of months right from January 2020 for most people, myself inclusive so I decided to put these feelings into music.” Says Kizzy Rulez (a.k.a Kizzy or Kizzy Kizzy); a rapper, producer, and singer-songwriter from Uganda & South Sudan.

Born on 22nd March 1997 in war-torn South Sudan but by 2000 a refugee in Uganda which he now calls home. He says “God’s great for saving me from the dead zone because I doubt whether i’d be alive right now if not for Uganda’s warm hospitality”.

He tells his story in this new project titled ‘MVP: Hustle & Motivation’. Filled with ups, downs, and pain but with equal motivation to let you know you gotta get back up no matter what. “This project has been delayed by covid situations and lockdowns right from March 2020 when he dropped the first single ‘Bad Thoughts’ out on his YouTube channel. If one listened to it, they wouldn’t object to how deep a song it is.

Nothing was moving according to plan especially financially as 2020 reached midway but he always believed in himself so he stayed patiently taking his time working on every song he could. There’s even a possibility he might add a few more within this short time but he is pleased to announce that in December the whole project will be dropping.

In one song titled ‘U My B’ which he released earlier this year, he expresses his pain of losing the only girl he ever loved but simultaneously on another song expresses sympathy for the ones he didn’t love back while they loved him for real. He titled it ‘Believe In Yourself’ which will drop with the whole project in December.

 If you’re looking forward to listening to real music straight for the soul, then follow @kizzyrulez on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel because ‘MVP: Hustle & Motivation’ might just be the best musical project you’ll listen to this year. So what are you waiting for? Here’s a link to his YouTube channel