Leveraging the Diversity of Culture to Cut across Tradition and Geographical Boundaries: THWACPEP

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THWACPEP is an acronym for “The How / We Are Connected / Photo Exploration Project” a non-profit organization that was founded by visual artist and photographer Tyrone  Z. McCants to connect artists from various cultures through a geographic multi-media series of diverse cultural performing arts projects. Tyrone Z. McCants has been documenting people, culture, and the performing arts since 2003 when he started as a freelancer.

The project’s emphasis is the preservation of a movement that will be embraced by generations to come even though there may be alterations to tradition. Through the presentation of visual and educational views on cultural identity, the THWACPEP project seeks to highlight the common ground and link between different races, ethnicities as well as the core principles of their cultures.

THWACPEP’s mission and goal are to inspire people regardless of their age, cultural heritage, providing a platform for them to network with the aid of photography enriched visuals, video, bespoke stories from artists, live events, festivals, history scholars, and insights into different countries and their traditions. Audiences are engaged, stimulated, educated, and made aware of the cultural festivals that occur annually with participating artists within the United States as well as internationally.

THWACPEP’s efforts are geared towards nurturing, encouraging, and boosting local performing arts professionals in the United States, cultural development programs, and self-sustaining teachers with the facilitation of live and private shows, annual events, and small businesses as well as featured articles, interviews, video, and photos.

Sponsored by non-profit arts service organization Fractured Atlas, THWACPEP receives grants for charitable purposes. Fractured Atlas oversees the grants ensuring adherence to grant agreements, and reporting as mandated by grantors. All contributions are made to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible.

THWACPEP thrives on the kindness, support, and generosity of readers like yourselves, volunteers, private entities, and corporations to execute its mission. All contributions regardless of whether small or big collectively empower cultural awareness and foster unity. On top of that boundaries are done away with, people educated and linked to their heritage.

To participate in, volunteer or support the THWACPEP cause visit https://www.thwacpep.org


THWACPEP is a non-profit organization that strives to do away with barriers of race, culture, and tradition fostering unity and connecting people to their roots. Utilizing art, photography, video, and visualization, people are united and borders neutralized.