Make Memorable Moments with Fabulous Portrait’s Personal Touch

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Founded by a team of professional photo editors with several years of experience, Fabulous Portrait has established itself as a leader in photo editing with phenomenal creativity that speaks volumes for itself. Inspired by the need to make people happy by creating memories that would not easily be experienced in the real world for only a fraction of the cost of taking a trip to the jungle or a zoo.

Standing up to the challenge with each story, Fabulous Portrait leverages the love of its clientele for its offerings to do the very best each time making fairy tales come true with each photo edited. The passion is visible in the output. Started by a team of designers and professional photo editors with a passion for photography, creativity, and Photoshop, many fairy tales have come to happen and smiles have been put on people’s faces with each story told.

Using the platform to create memories is simple. All you need to do is upload a photo and our extremely talented designers will be assigned to create a professionally touched unique portrait. Each masterpiece is customized to the client’s desired style and Fabulous Portrait has gotten accustomed to the “Wow Factor” generated by its works with beautiful stories garnering positive reactions from family, friends, and social media followers. Yes, indeed, the portraits will not be found elsewhere in the world because each of them is bespoke, and Fabulous Portrait designers utilize every unique aspect of each photo to bring the portraits to life.

The goal of Fabulous Portrait is to express your love, enthusiasm, and creativity in the most personal form combining unique backgrounds with your photos or people you love. That is the core of Fabulous Portrait as a brand. We create more than Portraits, we bring fairy tales to life and create memories often imagined but seldom hard to realize.

When seeking to give a loved one, friend, or somebody deserving a present to cherish, a Fabulous Portrait masterpiece is something to consider as it will be an extraordinary gift that will speak volumes on its own. Chances are you know the tastes and preferences of the subject of the portrait which will make it simple for our highly skilled professional designers to tailor it to what is desirable. Adjustments and revisions are done to ensure that the desired satisfaction is gotten by each client. If it is not special then it will not be a Fabulous Portrait.

When receiving the masterpiece, one may opt to have a soft copy or canvas portrait which will be shipped promptly allowing ample time to plan ahead of a scheduled event to make sure the canvas portrait arrives on time.

To get started one only needs to choose a preferred background or portrait from the over 80 backgrounds and a dozen portraits geared towards varying age groups, occasions, interests, and tastes. One would then need to upload a nice photo that fits the background before proceeding to place the order. Previews are sent by email within 2 days of placing the order after which they can be approved or revisions requested until 100% satisfaction is confirmed by the client.

Every child would like to be photographed with a Dinosaur, Unicorn, and Fox, Lion, or other animals from the jungle within the safety of their parents delivering an unforgettable reaction upon realizing that they have a photo with a beast they never imagined they would have in their photo gallery and albums. For years to come, one’s child will cherish, fantasize and remember the best gift they were given at the time.


Name: The Dubbel Dennis