Meaningfully Sending off Loved Ones Without Excessively Spending: Are Cheap and Affordable Funerals the New Trend?

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When faced with the loss of a loved one, the never pleasant thought of having a funeral comes to mind, and along with it comes the cost implications which directly or indirectly influence the kind of sendoff that the deceased will be given. Logically, the thought of a cheap and affordable funeral comes to mind striving to give a decent and meaningful sendoff without breaking the bank.

A cheap and affordable alternative to typical funerals is immediate burials which have become the trend as families get to lay their loved ones to rest in peace without digging deep into their pockets to incur high funeral costs. When faced with the loss of a loved one, concluding a sendoff that results in debt will only add to the pain and grief therefore cheap and affordable funeral options have to be considered.

Immediate Burials

An immediate burial also referred to as a direct burial is one where a person is buried not long after their demise. Typical funeral services such as viewing and embalming are foregone. They are considered cheap and affordable because they do not call for excessive spending on fancy venues and lots of preparation. Service may be held privately by loved ones with a religious leader of the deceased’s affiliation leading the service at the temple or gravesite.

Immediate burials are considered cheap and affordable because they help loved ones of the deceased to avoid getting into debt while trying to achieve a meaningful funeral, are less stressful because of their simplicity, conserve the environment because harmful toxic ingredients used for preservation are not used and are also known to help respect the privacy of the deceased and their families since a small number of people are invited.

A cheap and affordable funeral may not necessarily be confined to immediate or direct burials because there are ways that costs can be cut down whilst still holding the kind of funeral the deceased’s family considers to be deserving for their loved one. Amongst those options is purchasing a cheaper casket which does not necessarily mean compromising on quality but rather buying directly from suppliers because funeral homes sell at retail rates. Considering public over private cemeteries will lead to a significant decline in costs. Choosing cremation instead of burial may also help to cut down costs significantly as it eliminates the need to pay for a burial plot and expensive casket.

If direct burial is not considered but a deceased’s family still intends to have a cheap and affordable send-off for their loved one, they may consider immediate cremation, donate the deceased body to science for research purposes or opt for a green eco-friendly burial.


If a loved one passes, the need to spend several thousands of dollars may not be necessary because numerous options are available to pay tribute to their memory. Meaningfully celebrating the lives of loved ones has become the norm with direct burials being taken on to cut down stress and the costs attributed to funerals hence the need for cheap and affordable funerals.