Meet The Crazy Apes Club and the Exclusive Collection of NFTS

First off, NFT, an acronym for Non-fungible Tokens is a piece of art that lives on the blockchain. Owning an NFT is similar to owning a painting nevertheless it is owned virtually on the blockchain as opposed to physically.

The Crazy Apes Club is an exclusive collection of 5,000 NFTs, stored as ERC-721 Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Each NFT is unique and comes with a membership to exclusive raffles and giveaways.

With an outstanding touch showcasing love for the Ape in the world of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), The Crazy Apes Club comprised of five team members Odin, Jes, Van S, XJ13, and Biggie created an offering that not only preserves and grows the value of Ape art but serves as a reminder of how valuable the ape is and the need to conserve it as a part of nature.

A known fact is that a picture will say a thousand words and it is based on that adage that The Crazy Apes formulate stories in the form of art that grows in value.

As stated by the Apes, “It’s been peaceful until now. First, among all the creatures of planet Ophelius, The Crazy Apes slowly come out of hibernation to try and seek vengeance once again. They continue their two-thousand-year-long search for the mad scientist “Doctor Lawinski Lucris”, rumored to be responsible for the creatures of planet Ophelius. Where could this metaverse maniac be hiding? It was also rumored he was last seen near a cave on the east side of Mount Crutux, but this could be just false information.”

With a limited supply of 5,000 Non Fungible Tokens, The Crazy Apes are set to commence minting in the near or foreseeable future. Many too often hesitation may result in missed opportunities and procrastination has been tagged the mother of failure. Normal as it is to experience fear, action based on verifiable facts and reason ought to instill confidence.

Scheduled to be launched this January 2022, The Apes Collection pre-sales are to be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited supply of only 500 new NFT’s that are projected to skyrocket, so, the stakes are high and it is recommended to act timely to get a hold of them while stocks last.

The Crazy Apes gallery will showcase art in the metaverse for holders to view and automatically get entered into Ethereum and Cash Raffles for over $300,000 as well as stand a chance to win a Tesla Model X.

To join The Crazy Apes exclusive #NFT drop, you can follow them on Instagram or Twitter to obtain more information.