Naijatastic: An Avenue for Emerging Artists and Producers to Showcase Their Skills and Shine

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Founded in 2017, Naijatastic has received great support from a significant number of independent musicians and has amassed a fan following of over 200,000 active monthly listeners across several genres of music.

Based in Nigeria, the Naijatastic music streaming service offers independent musicians the opportunity to exhibit their musical abilities as well as to engage with fans and work with other music creators.

Registration is free for artists, as well as for listeners who can sign up to create a profile, and upload their original music for free. Despite being free, Naijatastic does not take copyright lightly and regularly verifies that uploads are compliant.

The name Naijatastic came about as a result of the combination of two words to form a single word.  “Naija” is jargon for Nigeria. Naija. “tastic” is used to create adjectives for instance Fantastic, Poptastic, and Naijatastic signifying someone or something considered as a very good representation of a given category.

Naijatastic is an online entertainment platform enabling fans, artists, curators, and marketers to exhibit and discover Nigerian music, DJ mixes, podcasts, soundtracks, and radio shows. The goal is to raise awareness and keep Nigerian audio material in Nigeria and the diaspora in the spotlight.

Naijatastic promotes Nigerian and Afro music helping artists to grow their audience and instinctively fan base. Naijatastic created the infrastructure to enable creators such as musicians, music producers, songwriters, podcasters, record labels among others to utilize their platform to preserve Afro culture.

Naijatastic enables independent musicians to avoid established distribution networks and music companies that make it tough for great musicians to breakthrough. The essence of Naijatastic is to keep the site up and running so that unsigned artists can promote their work and develop their fan base. As of today, Naijatastic is accessible via the web as well as the iOS app store and google play store for Android users.

Naijatastic is now considered the leading platform in Nigeria for sharing, streaming, discovery, and connecting rising artists, top performers, and creators with global audiences. The platform was developed to allow independent and rising musicians who do not have enough funds or are not signed to record companies to promote their songs and display their abilities for free.

Major opportunities are few as far as the African music entertainment scene is concerned as a result of music streaming and platforms like Audio Mack, Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud, WordStar, amongst others, either charging fees or fully owned by Americans or Europeans and are not bent on supporting African creativity bringing about the need to have platforms built specifically for Africans by Africans. They may cater to African musicians but are not primarily concerned with the development or visibility of African artists or music for that matter.

Naijatastic is a platform for the worldwide audience to experience African music, sounds, culture, and an exciting way of life. The lack of an impressive and solid platform focusing on native African talents, as well as the drive to promote these diligent African young men and women, resulted in the conception of Naijatastic in 2017.

The Naijatastic brand has grown in popularity, garnered immense trust amongst unsigned artists in Nigeria, other nations across Africa as well as Africans abroad. Naijatastic promotes the Nigerian / Afro music trend and assists musicians in building their fan bases by expanding their audience through availing tools to do exactly that on the site.


Today, Naijatastic is home to a multitude of unsigned artists. Naijatastic has approximately 200,000 monthly users with a continuously expanding audience. For music creators, concentrating on value and development is critical. Engaging with the primary audience, on the other hand, is extremely challenging, and that’s where a platform like NAIJATASTIC excels. Unsigned artists may start showing off their talent, originality, and build a massive fan base without incurring a massive expenditure.

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