Rapper Jay P Releases Leave Me Alone

New song "Leave Me Alone" by Jay P

Rapper Jay P Releases Leave Me Alone Song

Born and raised on the 3rd of January 1987 in Kampala, Uganda. Jay P is a Rapper and Tech-Preneur who has consistently leveraged the power of tech to further both his musical and entrepreneurial ambitions. Rapper Jay P Releases Leave Me Alone.

Citing scenarios of ghosts from the past disgruntled with his progress regardless of whether it is financial, social or even academic, the Leave Me Alone rapper addresses what seems like disgruntled or jilted lovers who are upset that the one they left behind is getting ahead and therefore feel threatened by the so-called getting ahead.

With a past that groomed him to be street savvy, Jay P has consistently found his way around the hurdles placed in his way by small-timers. Rapper Jay P Releases Leave Me Alone Song

Afraid of what Jay P might do to them with so much money and power in his hands, petty schemes keep springing up to distract him from his focus.1

Jay P reiterates the importance of letting go in “Leave Me Alone”.

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