Spreading the Dragon Love with Comodo Coin: Competitive Rewards, Transparency, and Fairness

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Holders of Comodo Coin (CMD), a hyper-deflationary coin launched on August 6, 2021, will incrementally receive more Benefits. To put it another way, CMD is completely decentralized and community-driven, therefore the holders are the owners. Comodo Coin is proud to promote organic development whilst building an organic team and community.

On August 6th, 2021, the $CMD BEP20 coin went live on the Binance Smart Chain. The latest pump, CMD, which was introduced in August has already set the bar high for utility rewards. CMD is the first dividend token that sought to grow its ecosystem across different blockchain networks (main nets). The Comodo Coin travel map wouldn’t be complete without that. The Comodo Coin is cross-chain based, therefore anticipated to be on Ethereum, Matic, Fantom, and Cardano in the foreseeable future with the mission to raise the bar for cross-chain DEFI, dividends, and usefulness with its team enjoying the process.

The core values of Comodo Coin are community and transparency, trust, and longevity. Comodo Coin keeps lines of communication open with its shareholders to keep them up to date on progress and growth. Even though the cryptocurrency market is sometimes referred to as “trustless,” investors nonetheless place a high value on trust. This implies that in addition to giving transparency, holder funds must also be secure. CMD (Comodo Coin) is committed to the project for the long term with long-term ambitions for the ecosystem, which will result in a profitable investment vehicle that will outlive fads.

As far as the economics of tokens is concerned, Comodo Coin is stable with 22% presale, 2% team, 1% mod wallet, 1% entertainment, 1% charity wallet, 2% marketing wallet, and 70% burn. 

Comodo Coin strives to compete in a market where several outstanding traits of its digital mascot will be brought to light with discreet features to allow users to win Comodo Coins (CMD tokens) besides BNB or other NFTs.  Comodo Swap is intended to be the community’s decentralized exchange (DEX), making it possible to stake CMD (Comodo Coin’s) and much more. Owners may use Comodo Coin’s to exchange with other reward tokens on the BEP20 platform, allowing them to trade with confidence void of worry.

The current live Comodo Coin price is USD 1.33e-7, with the capacity to trade a volume of USD 2,931.99 in 24 hours. Whenever there is a change in the price of CMD in US dollars, immediate updates are done regarding CMD to USD pricing. Typical of cryptocurrency, the value of the coin is inevitably expected to rise and fall and rise continually due to several market factors. There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 CMD tokens.

Comodo Coin aims to spread the love for the Comodo Dragon. The group prioritizes the community by offering long-term investors a lucrative compensation package. Transparency and fairness are ideals at the core of the Comodo Coin community. Comodo Coin places the needs of its holders first, nevertheless does not lose sight of the fact that its initiative was created with a social mission in mind, helping to fund Comodo Dragon rescue groups. Being a member of the Comodo Coin community has numerous benefits! Each transaction that is automatically delivered to your wallet rewards all $CMD token holders with additional tokens. In addition, the token $CMD is deflationary, which implies that as the supply of coins diminishes, their value will gradually rise as well.

Why Consider the Comodo Coin

  • The Comodo Coin is safe to trade-in.  CMD is one of the most valuable tokens that provide reflections on developing a key use case in the crypto space. Comodo coin is working on a solution that’s in high demand in this field and Peer-to-peer transactions will be simplified and made more secure with $CMD.
  • Decentralized Finance (Defi). There is no central authority over your financial assets using Defi technologies. Anywhere you go, you will be able to access and transfer your financial assets without monitoring from the prying eyes of a central financial authority.
  • Safety is a Comodo Coin ideal. You can relax knowing your money is protected. To make this a truly community-driven coin, liquidity has been restricted and ownership has been renounced.
  • Comodo Coin’s liquidity Locker is Certified by DxLock. With liquidity intended to be locked for 24 years up to 17th August 2045, all investors will be given equal opportunity as all tokens will be available on DXSale.


Comodo utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network and the Hybrid Decentralized Finance model (Defi). Considered the ideal cryptocurrency for investment, the Comodo Coin provides trust, transparency, and security geared towards the long haul setting standards on reward utility in the cryptocurrency domain.